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South Africa - End of factory churned holidays

South Africa - End of factory churned holidays

Tierra: Your search for Tailor-made holidays ends here!
If you are not the sort of person who is fond of what I refer to as 'Factory Churned' vacations, i strongly recommend you explore Tierra for your next holiday.
Tierra is the perfect holiday planners, and full marks to them for having organised and executed our dream vacation at South Africa last month. As an organisation that is widely traveled themselves, they completely outdo 'run-of-the-mill' & 'desktop-hashed' itinerary planners. Right from booking us at a boutique hotel suited to our taste, to compiling  an entire list of antique and curio shops for us to explore, Tierra left no stone unturned in ensuring that they 'understood' our holiday needs and delivered against every checkbox on the list. What helps is their 'personal experience' and they fill in the blanks where most 'seasoned' holiday agents may falter to please. Be it local restaurants, flea markets, the finer points about sight seeing destinations and even the choice of local tour guides, Tierra has all the answers, and one percent if they do not have the answer, they pursue the point till they get someone on their network to answer it !
Vacation planning, to my mind, is a very 'delicate' business to be in, it is all about winning the 'trust' of your audience, else chances of them revisiting you are dim ! Tierra, truly understands how precious a holiday is to the people involved in it, and in every way reassures them, that their time and resources shall be well spent,through their fool-proof planning and execution, almost as if they were planning the trip for themselves. We loved all the effort the team put into making our trip picture perfect. Tierra spoils you totally-and chances of you trying out a different travel advisory for your next trip, after having 'experienced' travel with Tierra are remote !

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