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Italian honeymoon. Neha and Jaideep

Italian honeymoon. Neha and Jaideep

We barely had any time to plan our wedding, leave alone our Honeymoon! Tierra came by as the perfect rescue for us, with the promise that everything will be well taken care of.
As two stressed out, panic stricken individuals who had loads still left on the wedding preparations, we decided to completely 'outsource' all Honeymoon related planning in their hands! (much to my husband's relief and my absolute delight!)
We were given the option of Italy in the estimated budget that we had in mind.
First things first : we never thought Europe would have been possible, given the various perceived (read: exaggerated) costs that we had in mind. However with proper planning and clear itinerary detailing, Tierra made it possible for us (no, we were not asked us to cut corners or to stay in an ill fitted accommodation!). Two things that especially helped us through this process was Rupal and Indradeep's continued guidance and suggestions on the entire trip. They were also helpful in getting all the paperwork in order (read: in time) which, according to me, is one of the most tedious processes in an international trip.
We toured Venice, Florence and Rome in Italy and our experience was more than memorable. Every detail was well thought of including the train transfers, the proximity of our hotels from the train stations, the accessibility of the hotel to the shopping centres and the like.
One hitch that we came across was our hotel room in Venice which was very small. But the short stay at Venice for only a night did not make us bother too much about it.
We would recommend Tierra to anyone who wants a customised holiday, as per their whims and fancies! :)
Kudos to both of you (Rupal and Indradeep) on making people live out their fanciful dream holidays!

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