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African Safari in the Masai Mara

African Safari in the Masai Mara

African Safari in Masai Mara - Sudeshna

This Diwali we traveled to Masai Mara(Kenya) for a short holiday ( literally a blitzkrieg trip) ..But what we didn't expect was in that 5 days Africa will capture our hearts and souls and we would be bound with Africa forever...I cant explain the magic or the magnificence of Africa in words and hence I wont even make such futile attempts.. But what I can express in words is my deepest thanks and gratitude to Indradeep and his team for making the trip so well organised and hassle free. . Some of you can argue that there are other companies which will also organize great trips..  Well.. according to me what sets Tierra apart from others is its insight and its in depth understanding of its customers' desires and aspirations and most importantly the wide and exhaustive knowledge they have about most of the destinations .Indradeep and Rupal have themselves traveled extensively in Africa and their inputs are invaluable. Indradeep ensured that we got the best price and everything was beautifully arranged.. We literally just got ourselves to Africa and everything was served on platter.. the pick ups, drop , hotel check in .. everything was seamless..But what we enjoyed the most is that Indradeep and Rupal made us fall in love with Africa even before we set foot on its soil...In my dictionary Tierra is now synonymous to beautifully wrapped travel experiences.. 

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