Top five monsoon getaways

Top five monsoon getaways

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The onset of monsoons is almost here, and with it came out the different travel bucket lists. The advantage India has is during the monsoons, country become even more pristine and offers many beautiful escapades to the travelers.

Here’s our list of top five monsoon getaways:

• Konkan: From Raigad to Ratnagiri to Sindhudurg, Konkan region will ready itself for an influx of tourists during the coming monsoon season. During this time it’ll be covered with a thick green blanket, as it goes through a complete transformation during the first rains. A ride through the Konkan railways will show you the sights that’ll mesmerize you. Konkan was also associated with King Shivaji, and therefore, it is littered with numerous forts and citadels. One of the best things to do during monsoon is trek to these places of historical importance and enjoy the architectural beauty alongwith the magic of monsoons. Also, you can choose to relax by some of the pristine beaches in this region like Ratnagiri, Tarkali, Murud, Revdanda etc.

Udaipur: Udaipur, the city of lakes is also known as the Venice of the east. It encapsulates the romantic streaks within its walls and pathways and the numerous lakes, and the palace enclosed in one of those lakes. The city of Udaipur comes alive with the monsoons, the local flavor is further enhanced with the monsoon festivals welcoming rains in style, and the city also has its own monsoon palace, the Sajjan Garh Palace.

• Periyar National Park: Periyar National park lies in the Southern part of Kerala, and unlike other national parks in India, remains open during the monsoons. Therefore, you can just rush here during the monsoon months and enjoy the pristine beauty. Another wonderful feature about Periyar national park is that the safari is conducted in a boat here, and thus you not only get to enjoy the tranquility here, but you can also experience the captivating nature of this lake at the sunset. In Periyar national park, it’s possible to stay amidst the thickets in the wonderful accommodations provided by the Kerala tourism development corporation.

• Valley of Flowers: Imagine yourself surrounded by hundreds of different variety of flowers and the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. It might sound like heaven, but it’s as real as possible at the Valley of Flowers. Monsoons are the best time to visit this heavenly location as the flowers attain full bloom during the months of July and August. The kind of flowers you’ll get to see here are rarest of the rare. Moreover, you can venture further ahead and visit one of the most beautiful Guruduwaras, Hemkund Sahib. However, you need to be in shape for a trip to Valley of Flowers, as you can reach there only after a 17-km trek.

• Ladakh: Ladakh comes in a rain shadow area, and thus is a perfect destination to run away from the heavy rains. However, some of the rain clouds to cross the towering peaks of Himalayas and cover the barren lands of Ladakh, thus giving it the feel of an ultimate beauty. They bring out the hidden colors of Pangong lake or just take out your bike and ride along the Khardungla pass and stop at Kargil or various other destinations in between to check out the gorgeous vistas covering this part of India.


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