Top 5 European Destination ideas

Top 5 European Destination ideas

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Top 5 European Destination ideas

Scandanavia of our dreams


If you want to explore the less travelled parts of Europe, Tierra presents  5 Unique European destination Ideas

The 5 Unique European destination Ideas include Self Drive vacations in Ireland, the midnight sun experience in Russia, exploring the hidden gem of Croatia, discovering the small towns of Belgium and Holland and traveling across unique mesmerizing Scandinavia.

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We start of with the Emerald Island of Ireland. Outside of Dublin, it is best advised to do Ireland as a self-drive itinerary. Tierra’s unique self drive trip makes you stay in unique B&B’s and Farms which are for most parts owner operated. These include stays in the Claire and Galway area where you see the cliffs of Moher and Ring of Kerry and a farm stay in Kilkanney. You experience the rugged Atlantic Coast of Atlantic, drive along grand cliff faces, spend times on friendly beaches, stay on working farms, see ancient castles and churches and get immersed in the wondrous green surroundings.

Cliffs of Ireland

Cliffs of Ireland

Self Driving in Ireland


Russia is another great option in the summer. The sun is visible for more than 20 hours and it’s a glorious time to visit the Western Russian cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. Take time off to visit a traditional Russian village and see a classical Russian ballet



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Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It has Unesco heritage Roman ancient cities, Deep woods and mysterious lakes, outstanding coastline and gorgeous islands. The typical itinerary takes you to Zagreb, Pula, Plitvice lakes national park, Split, Dubrovnik and the islands around Hvar. Please note that you can also reach Croatia by taking a ferry from ferry Venice in the north or by taking a ferry from Bari in the South.

Croatia Island

Croatia Island

Belgium and Holland

Belgium and Holland form the core of Middle Europe and the sumptuous towns and villages await lazy exploration. Tierra has some great itineraries involving traditional highlights, smaller towns and B&B accommodation.


Scandinavia is a region of intense natural beauty. The Scandinavians have taken great care to preserve their natural habitat in its pure, natural form and very few people come back without being amazed by its surreal beauty, especially its Fjord lands. It is also home to some sumptuous cities, all of which revolve around the water and the sea. Tierra takes you to Copenhagen, arguably the cutest harbor city in all of Europe. Copenhagen has probably the best amusement park in Europe, the Tivoli gardens. Stockholm comes next. Bigger and more regal than its Scandinavian peers, Stockholm have some of the most innovative museums in the world, including the Skansen, where “real” life Sweden from yesteryears has been created using actual ancient buildings and real life actors. The next stop is Norway, the place where you come face to face with natural beauty at its rawest. This is best seen in the Scandinavian way, ie: from a ship. You will cruise along the coast of Norway from a Hurtigruten cruise ship, rated by Lonely Planet as the most beautiful cruise in the world.



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  1. Obviously you need to balance out value and money to find country offer the best ratio. Eastern Europe is indeed the cheapest area of Europe. However, they can lack in some other criteria – weather comes to the top of my mind.

    If you are looking for the best value at the best price, I highly suggest Ireland.

  2. Great Places. Actually, the places like Europe are hard to find anywhere in the world. And I appreciate you for these destination ideas. Great share. Thanks a lot.

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