Greece Travel Guide for Indians: Top 5 Greece Travel Questions

Greece Travel Guide for Indians: Top 5 Greece Travel Questions

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Greece Travel Guide for Indians

Greece Travel Guide for Indians: Top 5 Greece Travel Questions



While planning a trip to Greece there are 5 questions which vex travelers:

a) Should I combine Greece with another country?


Greece is full of History. Combined that with some of the mots amazing Islands in the world, a Greece Trip usually takes 8-10 days

However if One wants to combine a country with Greece, the most popular option is Turkey, especially using Turkish Airlines as the flight option

Itineraries which involve Turkey, usually have Istanbul plus Athens Plus Santorini.

Faster itineraries also include Cappadochia in Turkey and Mykonos or Crete in Greece



b) How many days should my Trip be?




A “normal” easy paced itinerary has 2 Nights in Athens, 2/3 Nights in Santorini and 2/3 Nights in another Island ( Mykonos / Crete / Naxos / Paros)

Please see a “normal” Greece itinerary.

The number of days will depend heavily on i) How much of History you want to see especially outside Greece and ii) How many islands you want to see

These are addressed in the remaining 2 points

c) Can I do Greece as part of a Cruise?

croatia cruise

Cruising in the Greek islands is a popular option. There are basically 3 types of Cruises which are possible

i) Large ship Eastern Mediterranean Cruises:

Nearly all the major liners offer this option. They include Royal Carribean, Norwegian, Disney, Costa, MSC etc

There are different itineraries possible and popular port stops of Venice, Maples, Rome in Italy, Athens, Mykonos, Corfu, Rhodes and Santorini in Greece, Istanbul and Kusadasi in Turkey and Dubronvik and Hvar in Croatia

A good 7 Night cruise will look like the below :

Option 1: Athens (Piraeus) -> Cruising -> Rhodes -> Mykonos -> Santorini -> Kusadasi -> Istanbul -> Istanbul

Option 2: Venice -> Dubrovnik -> Cruising -> Kusadasi -> Santorini -> Katakolon (Olympia) -> Cruising -> Venice

ii) Smaller Cruises specializing in Turkey and Greece:

The most popular of these are Louis Cruises, which covers the major ports and holiday destinations in Turkey and Greece effectively and efficiently. It is also the most economical cruise option. Other options include variety Cruises and Hellenic Cruises

iii) Yatch Charters

Yatch charters easily available from most ports and you can either have day cruises or multi city itineraries

d) When in Greece how much history do I want to see?


Greece is rich in culture and apart from Athens, the places you can visit include Delphi, Meteora, Olympia etc.

Some people are happy with just Athens while other spend 1-4 nights exploring the history outside of Athens

However all these places will require extra days. If your group size is larger its best to do Delphi / Metora / Kalambaka in a private tour
e) Which are the best Island combinations in Greece?



Greece has close to 1500 islands.

Most Indians prefer Islands in the Cyclades, since the connectivity is better. ( especially through ferries).

A normal Greece itinerary involves 2 islands, although many people do 3 or more

Please see our Guide to the Greek islands:

Of these must do island is Santorini. Santorini is famous for its grand cliff face vistas, the calderas and the volcanoes, the snow white villages and the amazing sunset

Apart from Santorini, the other island preferences are as below

Mykonos –  Mykonos is mainly known for its “ Chic” atmosphere and Nightlife.

Crete- Crete is a nice mix of history, quaint interiors and beaches
The good and bad points of Crete is that it is a big island with lots to cover. Also it is not a “traditional” greek island. (The civilisation and evolution is different to that of Greece)

Naxos – I visited Naxos on my trip to Greece trip an I loved it! It has nice beaches, good food and retains a “non- touristy” local feel. You will be be a bit put off by the commercialisation in places like Santorini and Mykonos.

For families it is great, especially since all the relevant areas are closely bunched up

An alternative to Naxos is Paros

There are other islands near Italy which you can do. The popular ones are Corfu ( a strong Gerald Durell connection) and Zakinthos (the best beaches in Greece)

You will however need to fly to those places.

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