Skiing for Indians – A beginners guide

Skiing for Indians – A beginners guide

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Skiing: A beginners guide to skiing

India is a tough place to ski. Skii as in ski properly. Good skiing is to a large extent a function of infrastructure on the slope ( Ski Lifts, Gondolas. Maintenance of the slope) and India’s skiing infrastructure is especially poor. If you have to Skii in India, There are basically two places. Gulmarg and Auli.

Gulmarg is a mix of super beginner types of locations ( where learning to ski basically means learning how to put on your ski) and really advanced slopes. It is not a place to learn how to ski down an intermediate slope.

Auli will take you 1.5 days to reach from Mumbai, lodgings are basic and snow and weather conditions unpredictable ( You can go all the way there and suddenly find that there is no skiing)

Unfortunately, sad though it may sound, skiing as a tourist activity in India is probably a couple of decades away.

India, however, is perhaps the cheapest place in the world to ski. Here, you will spend in thousands as compared to lakhs you will spend somewhere else. But at the end of the day, it is good only for the (very) advanced skier who gets a kick out of doing something different. ( The Indian slopes are twice as high as the alps and a lot more unexplored)…

For a beginner, however, one will probably need to look at other places.

To be continued…..

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